"The help that Kristina and her team at Estrela Consulting provided to us was invaluable.  From test prep sessions to counseling on college searches, visits, and selection, Kristina was there each step of the way.  She is very responsive, enthusiastic, and supportive.  We felt like we had another caring adult who sincerely had our daughter's best interests in mind at all times."

-Brit S., Hudson, OH


"We felt overwhelmed as our son approached the college testing and application process when we contacted Amy Rice.  She quickly responded with advice and simple instructions on how to approach the process and what to expect.  After our interactions with Amy we were immediately put at ease and ready to go for it. Our son is now at the University of his choice and we feel grateful to Amy for helping him achieve this goal."

-Holly J., Texas


"Kristina Dooley was my son Miguel's counselor. She came right in the perfect moment when we were lost in the whole college application process. She immediately began working closely with Miguel and guided him through the whole thing. My husband and I never intervened anymore, which was precisely what Miguel wanted, nor had to worry again. Applying to college is a stressful endeavour for the whole family. We are really happy we found Kristina and are excited about Miguel beginning Aerospace Engineering at Georgia Tech this coming August!"

- Dagmar C., Mexico City, Mexico



"Working with Kristina made the college planning process a fun, exciting and non-stressful experience. Her immense knowledge about the college application and admissions process was extremely helpful and her dedication to her students was one of a kind. From one on one skype check ins, to strategic timeline planning, Kristina was there for me during every step of the process!"

-Andrew Y., Fairfax, VA


"Kristina was able to find the perfect college for our son. She gave our son so many great options of colleges that we didn’t know existed and kept in constant contact with the admissions counselors. He was accepted at all the colleges that he applied to using Estrela Consulting’s services."

- Laurie B., Mexico City, Mexico



"Kristina helped me choose the college which I attend now, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision. Her guidance was essential in that it provided me with insight when I needed to choose among many options. She understood my needs and was very knowledgeable in exposing suitable alternatives for me. Patient, focused, and a skilled researcher, Kristina is unquestionably an outstanding consultant."

- Ligia C., São Paulo, Brazil



"Kristina was instrumental in helping us identify the right schools for both of our children. Her expertise and guidance (along with some hand holding!) were critical factors in the successful placement of our boys in both day and boarding schools. The fact that they are happy and thriving is a testament to Kristina’s professionalism."

- Cici N., Atlanta, Georgia



"My child’s counselor was Kristina Dooley. She was living in Argentina at the time her service was required. Kristina was the right fit for our child. Kristina is very professional, with clear ideas and a clear mind and gets to understand the child and family’s needs immediately. She worked very hard with us since we needed a full scholarship for my son and that was an extra process both in finding colleges as well as preparing extra papers for the application. Kristina was able to help in all these areas. She presented a very good list of colleges, prepared Axel for the meetings he would have in the US, communicated with each college arranging the visits and inquiring about tests and papers required in each of them. Axel felt very comfortable with her. The whole process of application and preparation for exams is a very long and stressful one. I myself, as a mother, could talk in a more personal way giving me an idea about American college life, fraternities, etc since it was all new to me. Our relationship with Kristina was excellent, even when she moved to Mexico she continued being in contact with us to know the results of the work. I would strongly recommend her as a counselor. It was a very good experience; Axel would not be studying in the U.S. at this moment in a prestigious university as he is without her help!"

- Carina N., Buenos Aires, Argentina



"I loved how my Estrela tutor taught me so many tricks and tips about what to look for in questions and how to best narrow down my options to get the best answer. It really helped me with the ACT: I went from a 24 to a 30! My tutor was so friendly and really tailored the way she taught to the way I learn, which was really helpful!"

- Kate, Hudson High School, Class of 2017


"I felt as if being able to have the one-on-one attention is what made Estrela a really great experience. Being able to practice once a week with real SAT questions helped my ability to learn the test, comprehend the material, and improve my scores. I was really able to connect with my tutor and she was able to build my confidence in test taking and my abilities academically as well. I am so glad I was able to have such a positive experience from SAT prep, something I dreaded at first."

- Alison, Western Reserve Academy, Class of 2018


"After getting the same score on the ACT three times, I realized that I needed to try something different. Estrela Consulting was the most effective ACT tutoring program because the personalized learning sessions directly addressed my exact needs as a test taker. The relationships formed between student and tutor at Estrela motivate the students to work more actively on their testing techniques than at tutors that are not as personal. My tutor was able to identify exactly where I struggled and could help me find the best way to fix the problems, and ultimately these changes were evident in my test scores. Thanks to Estrela, my ACT score raised 3 points and allowed me to get into the college of my dreams."

- Cara, Walsh Jesuit High School, Class of 2017


"The tutoring program was very helpful to me in terms of the strategies to approach questions effectively. The material on these tests isn't all that difficult, my problem was more about finding ways to maintain focus and attack questions with confidence and logical thought. It improved my creative thinking skills, even though the questions on the ACT are basic standardized test questions, there are ways to mentally prepare in order to stay engaged that I learned through Estrela. I also thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the tutors and staff at Estrela as they were incredibly helpful and overall fun to spend time with while doing something relatively boring...My tutors reminded me frequently of how these tests do not define my academic success while also working to help me do all I can to perform well on the ACT."

- Abby, Western Reserve Academy, Class of 2017