Every family is different. Priorities can range from academic options and selectivity, to affordability or geography.  Whichever category you fall into, Estrela Consulting is here to help.

Sure, it’s easy to find colleges via the internet. The difference with Estrela is that, unlike your search engine, we actually visit campuses -- lots of them -- and are able to note changes at each institution.

We meet with admission staff, check out new programs, and continually search for new offerings that might be of interest to you. These professional relationships can directly or indirectly benefit your family. We’re pretty sure no web search can do that for you.

Interested in learning more? You’re in luck! We offer a complimentary one-hour consultation with any of our college planning team members to see if your family would benefit from the services offered by Estrela Consulting. Click the link below to request your FREE consultation today!


Estrela Consulting accepts no fees, commissions or remunerations from educational institutions for placing students. Fees are paid by the client in exchange for services rendered; they are based on the specific needs of that individual. Complimentary initial conversation is available to determine if consultation services are needed. Estrela Consulting respects the integrity of the consulting relationship and all relevant information is held in the strictest confidence.