Whether you are a high school student struggling with what you will major in at the college level, or a professional thinking of  a career change, we’ve got just the set of tools to help you out.

Our unique combination of YouScience® and Find My Spark™ assessments, coupled with the expertise of our IECs, provides teens to adults the opportunity to explore who they are and where their professional path can lead.

The YouScience® Profile uses engaging “brain games” to uncover real measures of
aptitudes. YouScience® allows students to find the intersection of their natural abilities (what they do well), specific interests (what they love to do) and best-fit opportunities (where they’ll naturally thrive in opportunities that the market needs).

Find My Spark™ is the first personality-based assessment to suggest colleges based on a student's personality type and learning style. According to the National Association for College Admissions Counseling (NACAC), one out of every three entering college freshmen will eventually transfer from their original institution. That’s right: 1 in 3.  The most common reasons cited by these students were not academically-related but instead revolved around the environment on campus and the social setting. Like students, colleges also have a "style" that correlates to the personalities of its students. With the Find My Spark™ assessment we can identify a student's personality and the appropriate college style for them.

Interested in discovering your aptitudes and personality style and learning more about the majors, colleges and careers that might be right for you? Well, alright! Click the link below and our Client Experience Manager will get you set up with the online assessments and schedule your results discussion with one of our team members.


Estrela Consulting accepts no fees, commissions or remunerations from educational institutions for placing students. Fees are paid by the client in exchange for services rendered; they are based on the specific needs of that individual. Complimentary initial conversation is available to determine if consultation services are needed. Estrela Consulting respects the integrity of the consulting relationship and all relevant information is held in the strictest confidence.