Lara Poulios | Educational Consultant | Glastonbury, Connecticut

Lara Poulios
College Planning Consultant

Lara Poulios has been an College Planning Consultant since 2015, working with students nationwide to guide them through the college planning process and develop a college list that truly reflects the best fit for that student. Prior to this, she worked at a performing arts magnet high school, where she loved counseling students over the thunderous sound of tap dance classes held in the next room.  During this time, Lara gained expertise in the unique college application process for students interested in majoring in theater, dance, music and the visual arts.

Prior to her entry into the world of college admissions counseling, Lara worked for twelve years in financial services, directing a team that developed corporate marketing and sales presentations.  

Lara received her B.S. in Business Administration from Bryant University, and earned a College Counseling Certification with Distinction from UCLA.  She is a member of the National Association of College Admission Counseling (NACAC) and the New England Association of College Admission Counseling (NEACAC).

Lara has served in various volunteer capacities in her local school system, and currently volunteers with the parent organization for the Kingswood Oxford School, an independent day school in West Hartford, Connecticut.  She also participates in a church-affiliated organization that works to end the culture of violence in our cities.

Lara is a music buff, and has an absolute useless expertise in music trivia and song knowledge. She’ll challenge anyone to beat her in identifying 5-second clips of music from the 80’s and beyond.  In fact, she has been involved in a few intense music trivia contests, much to the dismay of her fellow cruise ship passengers who were just trying to enjoy a relaxing evening in the ship lounge.

When she’s not searching for a new Spotify playlist, Lara loves to watch the Red Sox, pick vegetables from the garden and cook. Lara lives in southeast Connecticut with her husband and two teenage sons -- one who successfully completed the college search process and one who is just getting started. She is looking forward to working with students in Glastonbury, Connecticut and surrounding areas.

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