Is your child struggling academically or socially in their current school setting and looking for new middle or high school options? Or are they seeking the independence, structure and academic opportunities of a traditional boarding school experience?

Well, you’re in luck! Since our founding we’ve worked with students from around the world to find the right fit schools for them, and we’re here to help you.

Interested in learning more? That’s great! We offer a complimentary one-hour consultation with one of our IECs who specializes in secondary and boarding school options to see if your family would benefit from the services offered by Estrela Consulting. Click the link below to request your FREE consultation today!


Estrela Consulting accepts no fees, commissions or remunerations from educational institutions for placing students. Fees are paid by the client in exchange for services rendered; they are based on the specific needs of that individual. Complimentary initial conversation is available to determine if consultation services are needed. Estrela Consulting respects the integrity of the consulting relationship and all relevant information is held in the strictest confidence.