Why Estrela?

RioWhy Estrela?

This is actually a two-part question requiring a two-part answer…so here goes:

Part One – Our Founding
After years of working on the other side of the admission desk, Kristina realized she wanted to work individually with students to help find the right school for them. A move to São Paulo, Brazil in 2008 kick-started her journey and Estrela Consulting was created. Oftentimes people will ask why we chose “Estrela” Consulting and not something more obvious like “Dooley Consulting”.  The answer is simple: we wanted to remember our founding roots.  The word “estrela” is Portuguese (the language of Brazil) for the English word “star” and we believe each of our students deserves an opportunity to shine!

Part Two – Our Passion
Someone once told us that your education is one of the few things you pay for in life that increases in value the longer you have it. Choosing a school or college is a decision not to be taken lightly and it’s certainly not an easy process to go through. When a family entrusts Estrela Consulting with guiding them through the search and application process, they will know that their journey is highly individualized based on the needs of the student.  The greatest testament to our work is not actually the list of schools to which our students have been admitted (though we think that’s pretty fantastic, too), but rather the fact that 90% of our client families come to us as referrals.  We think that’s a pretty good statistic.