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Fact 1: School marketing does not exist because you have brochures and a website.

Fact 2: Marketing is the responsibility of your entire school community.

Fact 3: They probably don’t know they’re part of your Marketing Team…they should.


In addition to her work with families, Kristina has brought her energy and enthusiasm for the school-search process to the “stage” having presented at several conferences and meetings of school professionals on the topic of marketing and customer service in education.

If your school’s staff, from faculty to the maintenance department, is not on board with your marketing plans, we can help. Kristina is available for staff retreats, school in-services, and start-of-school enthusiasm generation.

For more information or to inquire about having Kristina assist your school staff with their efforts, please email her directly or complete our Contact Form.





Recent Presentations

HECA Annual Conference, June 2013 – Macchiato Marketing: What’s Brewing with Your Brand?

SBSA Annual Meeting, March 2013 – Parrot Heads to Beliebers: How to Brand Your School Like a Rock Star

IECA Webinar, December 2012 – Tequila or Tea? Cultural Awareness and Exploring New International Markets

IECA Fall Conference, November 2012 – Handshakes or Hugs?: Tips for Exploring New International Markets and Cultural Etiquette

IECA Spring Conference, May 2012 – (Almost) Everything I Know About Branding I Learned From Fortune Cookies

IECA Summer Training Institute Tune-Up, November 2011 – Marketing Your Practice (and Yourself!) in 2011

IECA Fall Conference, November 2011 – Marketing Your School (or Consulting Practice!) from the Inside Out

SBSA Annual Meeting, March 2010 – Your Tag is Showing: Marketing Your School from the Inside Out

IECA Fall Conference, November 2009 – Organic Marketing: Growing Your Brand in a Digital World

IECA Spring Conference, April 2009 – That’s a beautiful lake, but is your school coed? (i.e. Is Your Marketing On Target?)

SBSA Annual Meeting, March 2009 – Dear Viewbook: It’s Not You, It’s Me.

SBSA Annual Meeting, March 2008 – It’s Taped to My Monitor: 10 Marketing Tips That Should be Taped to Yours

SSATB Annual Meeting, September 2007 – Communicating Your School’s Value From the Inside

Cleveland Scholarship Program, July 2007 – Pre-College Orientation Session Keynote Speaker