FREE Practice ACT Tests

estrela officeEstrela Consulting offers FREE practice ACT tests on select weekends as an opportunity for students in Northeast Ohio to take a test under simulated proctored and timed conditions. These practice tests, proctored in our Hudson office, are a free service offered as part of Estrela’s commitment to helping students maximize their test scores and prepare for college. Students will receive a diagnostic analysis of their results shortly after they complete the proctored practice test.

Some details:

  • There is no charge to take the practice ACT test; the practice tests are a free service we are offering to the community
  • The test will be conducted under simulated proctored and timed conditions to closely match the student’s experience on test day
  • Students must register in advance; we request that students provide 24 hours cancellation notice if unable to attend
  • The practice test will be an actual ACT test administered in prior years
  • The test will be completed on paper (just like the real ACT test!)
  • Students should bring the following to the test location:
    • several sharpened No. 2 pencils with good erasers
    • a photo ID (school or government issued ID with name and photo)
    • a permitted calculator if they wish to use one on the Math section (permitted calculators are described in detail at
    • A watch is permitted if students wish to pace themselves (although the alarm function must be turned off)
  • As we are simulating the real testing environment students are not permitted to bring the following to the test room:
    • Electronic devices of any kind (including Computers/laptops, Tablets, and Cell Phones)
    • Dictionaries
    • Scratch paper
    • Books
  • Each student will receive a diagnostic analysis of their results shortly after (within 7-10 days) they complete the practice test which identifies the student’s areas of strength and areas in need of improvement. A representative of Estrela Consulting will contact each student to discuss the results.

For more information, or to register for an upcoming practice test, please call 330-475-7054.