Boarding School Visits

If the only exposure you’ve had to boarding school involves a wizard with an unfortunate scar, or J.D. Salinger’s fictional icon of teenage angst, we’ve got some news for you: it’s time to visit. Websites, guides and online commentary are no substitute for stepping foot on campus and seeing first-hand the academic and social environment a school may offer your child.


Boarding Schools Visited by Estrela Consulting:

Athenian School
San Domenico School

The Canterbury School
Cheshire Academy
The Forman School
The Gunnery
The Hotchkiss School
Indian Mountain School
Kent School
The Marvelwood School
The Rectory School
Rumsey Hall School
Salisbury School
South Kent School
Westover School
The Woodhall School

Admiral Farragut Academy
Vanguard School

Bement School
Berkshire School
Brooks School
Buxton School
Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School
Dana Hall School
Eagle Hill School
Eaglebrook School
Fay School
Hillside School
Miss Hall’s School
Northfield Mount Hermon
St. Mark’s School
Stoneleigh Burnham
Wilbraham & Monson
Worcester Academy

Bridgeton Academy
Fryeburg Academy
Gould Academy
Hebron Academy
Hyde School
Kents Hill School
Maine Central Institute

Saint James School
Oldfields School
St. Timothy’s School
Garrison Forest School

Salem Academy

Purnell School

Andrews Osborne
Gilmour Academy
Grand River Academy
Western Reserve Academy

Mercersburg Academy

Episcopal High School
Woodberry Forest School
Foxcroft School
Madeira School

The Greenwood School
Lyndon Institute
Rock Point School
St. Johnsbury Academy
Vermont Academy

Stanstead College
Bishop’s College School